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SUNAK CAVE HOTEL Restaurant Local Cuisine

The Best Food in Cappadocia Waiting for You with Local Foods.

The best cave hotel in Cappadocia is waiting for you for local cuisine. The best cave hotel in Cappadocia is waiting for you for local home-cooked cuisine


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Cappadocia Cuisine and Local Cuisine

Culinary culture of Cappadocian Orthodox Greeks is very rich indeed. It is possible to observe the signs of this culture in the Cappadocian meals today.

Meals such as Stuffed Apple, Stuffed Quince, Stuffed Apricot are inherited from the cuisine culture of Cappadocian Greeks. These are festival and Christmas meals of the Greeks.

Another special day meal of Greeks was “KAYGANA” which was made of eggs,flour,oil and honey. It was cooked in Christmas time in some of the Cappadocia villages due to confinement of Virgin Mary. The bridegroom was fed with “KAYGANA” with a wish for abundance and fertilization.

Another meal for special occasions and festivals and wedding ceremonies of the Greeks was “KEŞKEK”. The Greeks that lived around Konya and surrounding villages called Keşkek as “HERSE”. Keşkek was named as “HERİSE” during the Seljuk Period in Konya.

Keşkek which symbolises the Altar and fertility is depicted as follows by Kiryaki Mandeoğlu from Permata Village of Akşehir:

“We put some meat, wheat, salt and water in a pot and braised it on a very low heat in a wood oven. Then, we mashed it with a wooden spoon until it turned into a batter. Then we poured roasted onion and hot butter on it and ate.”

  • Stuffed Apple, Stuffed Quince, Stuffed Apricot
  • Kaygana
  • Keşkek ve Herse

At Sunak Cave Hotel, guests feel like they are at home while they are in a peaceful, safe and happy manner.

Because; Our guests can taste as many of the daily handmade cakes in our hotel's kitchen and restaurant as they wish all day long. Cinnamon cookies identified with Sunak Cave Hotel are very nice together with fresh tea and coffee.

Sunak Cave Hotel has no time limit for breakfast. We do not send any guest at any time of the day without having breakfast. Our breakfast is prepared and served specially for 22 different kinds of carefully prepared hand made jams, various cheeses, hot egg types and so on.

At Sunak Hotel; You can make food reservations by choosing Greek food in the Cappadocia region from daily special menus or local menus.

Bon appetit!